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1 GB Fiber Internet

Speedwavz is excited to offer customers our blazing fast 900Mbps fiber optic network! This means you can expect high-speed, low-latency connectivity service that gives you the best streaming experience ever.  Our fiber internet can handle multiple-devices and still provide you with an experience that blows away what is typically offered in our area.

We’ve come a long way from the days of dial-up modems. With 900Mbps Fiber Internet you can watch shows in 4k, stream content from the internet, and download games in minutes. Fiber internet is expanding across the country, and we’re happy to offer it to our customers. Be ahead of the curve when it comes to the quality of your internet and ask about our 1GB Fiber speed today.

High Resolution Streaming

With so much content available to streamers most services already offer 4k options. With Speedwavz 1GB internet you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies and shows as they were meant to be presented. With up to 60 frames of video per second, you will experience a smooth, responsive, crystal-clear motion that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Every show, every app, every content channel on YouTube is making a move to high-resolution content. By using Speedwavz you and your family are getting the most out of the shows you love. See every detail in the next big battle scene, watch the play smoothly during the game without having to rewind, and keep up with what content creators are putting out.

Fast Downloading

The need for speed has always been a part of the internet. From how fast webpages load to how long it takes to download an attachment we know our customers always want speed. As companies make their content more digitally available, this means when you want to watch a new movie, play the next big video game, or even just renting something for the night you’re going to have to download it.

With our fast downloading speeds, you won’t have to wait the length of a movie to watch one. Keep up with current trends, and make sure that when you’re treating yourself to a night in, you’re not stuck at a waiting screen. By choosing Speedwavz, you’re saving yourself time, money, and hassle by knowing your internet is reliable and blazing fast.

Multiple Devices Capable

Think of everything that connects to the internet. Desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, smart televisions, video game consoles, handheld consoles, and now we’ve even got thermostats, refrigerators, and other appliances.

The bandwidth and speed of your internet determines how fast everything goes. At Speedwavz our experts can set you up with the right service and the right capabilities for however many devices you’re connecting to the internet.

Everything from TV to Phones are now getting “smarter” why not your internet service?

SpeedWavz is committed to bringing the internet to everyone. When you’re covering a large amount of area you have to work smart, so we broadcast our signal from towers that are located throughout our service area.

The broadcasting of signal is the first step, next our trained technicians set up on your property a radio and antenna designed to receive that broadcast at maximum strength. They’re trained to make sure that you receive the optimal signal and have the ability to make adjusts to deliver that service. Once the installation process is complete, the internet goes from tower to antenna and finally into your home through a router. This process brings you a fast, unlimited, and dependable service.

SpeedWavz is a trusted provider of wireless internet service no matter if you live on a farm, a village, or a city we have a solution for you.