Fiber internet is SpeedWavz next adventure. We’re pioneering this service in our area by actually digging the infrastructure ourselves. By doing all this, we’re ensuring that you will be set well into the future with amazing high-speed internet. With the installation of new fiber lines, we will know the inside and out of your fiber service. SpeedWavz is the trailblazers of fiber in our area, bringing the service will take time, and we want to make sure it is done right.

Installation will take a lot of new cables to run, but we are ready to get started. The first installations will occur where there is the highest concentrated number of sign-ups for this new Fiber service. If you’re interested in receiving Fiber Internet, talk with your neighbors about your current service. If you agree it can be better and you’re interested in fiber internet sign up today. The more in your neighborhood who say yes to fiber internet, the faster we will be able to get your home our service.

By choosing SpeedWavz Fiber Internet, you will be on the cutting edge of this exciting technology. Stream movies, shows, games, and so much more with the fastest internet in the area and leave the other providers in the dust.


$ 44.95

Per Month

5 Mbps


$ 69.95

Per Month

100 Mbps


$ 99.95

Per Month

1 Gbps

Additional Services

Home Wi-Fi Service

Don’t worry about setting up the Wi-Fi router and leave it to Speedwavz. For a small fee, we provide Home Wi-Fi so everyone in your house can be connected to your internet wirelessly and all at the same time. Save money by having your smartphones and tablets connected to your home network when you’re at the house and reduce those costly data bills.

TV Bundle Package

Television and internet are the perfect match. At Speedwavz we offer a competitive bundle to make sure you’re getting all the content and internet speed that your family needs. With fiber internet and great TV, you’ll have something for everyone. Gaming speeds for the gamer, the best TV shows for the binge watchers, and the ability to see every detail as it was meant to be seen on your screen!